First of all, I would have bet money that Anna and Vogue would have gotten the cover of our newest Catwoman, so good for Elle for this coup! (I always want the logistics of how these things come to pass.) Second: She is SO pretty that she’s almost carrying off this Saint Laurent catsuit, even if her facial expression is a little bit like…”am I?” (I see what you guys did there, though — putting Catwoman in a catsuit!) (She IS a face of Saint Laurent, this combo feels fated.)

The headline for this story is “Zoë Kravitz Has Stopped Reading the Comments,” to which I say: GOOD FOR HER! No celebrity should truly be on the internet, ever, is my advice. I mean, at the very least it would probably be creepy for her to see everyone horny for her dad all the time. Although she seems pretty well-adjusted about her famous parents:

When she was in her early twenties, “There was a little bit of embarrassment around what came with my last name,” reveals Kravitz, who is now 33, shortly after we meet at the Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel. “People would always assume that if I got a job, it was because of that. That was hard. But I was incredibly privileged. I got an agent easily. I’m not going to pretend like it didn’t help me get into the room. But I had to remember that I work hard, and as a child I was putting on performances in my grandparents’ house. And it had nothing to do with who my family was. It was because I loved it.” Over time, embracing her unique path has been about “wanting to prove not only to the world, but to myself, that I deserve to take up space in the industry,” she adds. “I’m proud of where I come from. Now it’s nice to be in a space where I feel like when people ask me about my parents, I’m not like, ‘Let’s not talk about that.’ I’m like, ‘They’re awesome. I’m grateful to be their child. And I also am my own human being.’”

The rest of it is a pretty fun read — she’s very excited about Larry David (who isn’t), and worries about getting her Catwoman helmet stuck on her head. There are some beautiful interior shots that are too dimly lit for the cover, but which are worth your time. Elle is apparently ALL BACK IN on giant Carrie Bradshaw-y flowers for spring. Now you know.

[Elle story and cover WRITTEN BY: Jessica Herndon; STYLED BY: Alex White; PHOTOGRAPHED BY: Zoey Grossman]
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