First, apologies for the late mention of this, but: “One Fugging Moment” is delayed due to a number of time constraints (if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know a big part of it is a sudden and unwelcome kitchen demolition), but hopefully will be ready tomorrow so that we can officially crown the winner and cap this thing. Kevin basically fell asleep at his computer last night working on it, so I decided to let the man rest.

Second, it was very hot in Los Angeles two days ago, which may explain why Elle Fanning apparently threw up her hands and screamed, “IT’S DRESS-BLOUSE SEASON, BITCHES,” but then was less warm and extremely windy last night. She may have regretted that choice. It’s like she’s not even totally sure she can keep it on. The whole flimsy exercise feels like she’s airing out her Coachella wardrobe a week early. And I do mean airing out, because wind puns aside, it’s very bare:

Elle Fanning Leaving Craig's Restaurant

Also, what are all those strings? It looks like it’s being held together with dental floss.