Elizabeth Debicki is a great performer in her own right who, unfortunately, also is an amalgam of a lot of other people — take Greta Gerwig and Evan Rachel Wood, with a subtle dash of Caitlin FitzGerald from Masters of Sex, and you get an entirely new person. It’s not her fault that I keep looking at her and thinking, “But who DO you look like,” because of course technically speaking she looks like herself. Anyway, Elizabeth voices Mopsy in the new (and mediocre-sounding) Peter Rabbit, and I wonder if that’s why she cleaved to such a carrot-themed color palette. Synergy! It’s to Elizabeth’s credit that she looks really charming in a dress that’s essentially some kind of caution fencing that’s been given pockets. And her haircut is dangerously cute (I JUST grew my curly short hair out because I couldn’t get the cut right; I CANNOT get tempted back to that place). Further, the times we have seen her, she tends to bring some interesting clothes to the table even if they aren’t always to my taste. So three cheers for Elizabeth Debicki getting out and about more, and giving us stuff to debate. Beyond two more things in 2018, she’s got the third Guardians of the Galaxy coming out in 2020. That press tour with Zoe Saldana ought to be quite a visual feast.

[Photo: InstarImages.com]