First of all: FINALLY I can complain about something! This entire month, I’ve seen countless breathless posts on Twitter that are like WILLS AND KATE AREN’T SPENDING VALENTINE’S DAY TOGETHER: FIND OUT WHY! Well. This is why. Because she went to meet the Air Cadets for like five hours in the middle of the day. Last time I checked, that’s called going to work, and as far as I understand the holiday, Valentine’s Day isn’t one of those ones where everyone gets the day off to gaze adoringly into the eyes of their beloved. Yo, if not seeing your honey from 11am-3pm on Valentine’s Day equals NOT SPENDING VALENTINE’S DAY TOGETHER!!! none of us are spending Valentine’s Day with our sweeties and break-ups are imminent for all of humanity. I get the need to induce readers to click through, but give me a break. I’m sure they’ll see each other tonight when they get home like everyone else!

Sorry. That was building up in me all month.  This was actually a very entertaining outing. Our friend Simon Perry from People provided visual aids: