It’s possible — POSSIBLE — that our long national (nay, international) nightmare may be over. RING THE BELLS! All that, plus (unintentionally?) hilarious fisticuffs, bejeweled headpieces aplenty, loads of “Poooooor Edith”ing, and several delectable dressing gowns. Oh, also: veiled accusations of murder, but I should hope that goes without saying around here. In other words: just another week at Downton. It is, however, my duty to inform you that I felt this week unfolded with nary a true MIC DROP from the Dowager Countess. Hopefully this means that next week will just be her sweeping into rooms, unleashing SICK BURNS on everyone, and then sweeping out.

And here is my weekly note to please request that you, if you have seen the rest of this season, hold your spoilers deep and careful in your most secret heart, so as not to ruin the fun for the rest of us. (I ended up buying this season on iTunes, and they gave it ALL TO ME on Thursday and it’s all I can do to not watch every episode TONIGHT. I’m only staying strong because I don’t trust myself not to eff up here and be like, “OMG BUT WAIT UNTIL THE ALIENS ARRIVE” or whatever. You Secret Keepers are better at this than I am.) To the drawing room!