YOU GUYS. Mrs Pig Farmer is back (and she’s kinda turned into a kidnapper, not that you can totally blame her). Can Sarah Bunting, Ingrown Bikini Line Hair, be far behind?? In other news, is terribly gloomy and Edith actually looks amazing despite the fact that her life choices to give up her child for adoption, then go get her, then give her to a pig farmer, then change her mind again, has once again come to bite us all on the ass. All that said, I’m afraid I thought this episode was a bit of a snooze, all Setting Things Up For Later without anything really happening. Yes, even the kidnapping was kind of half-assed.

To the Downton well! I wonder who we’ll find down there. Mayhap a Gutenberg Bible!

PS: As ever, if you have seen this season, please don’t spoil those of us who haven’t! Thank you very much for being so careful about that in general. It’s incredibly appreciated.