You may have seen a tweet that went viral a few weeks ago, wherein the tweeter noted incredulously that Black Panther came out THIS YEAR. I retweeted it, because I agreed that movie DOES feel like it came out last year, due to the fact that this year has taken approximately ten. However, it was in writing this post that I realized the Han Solo movie also came out this year, and that I had TOTALLY FORGOTTEN it existed, despite the fact that I saw it in the movie theatre. “Oh RIGHT!” I just said to my laptop. “Donald Glover was GREAT in that movie.” It’s TRUE. And he looked great basically all year — as I said of him over the summer, “he is one of the few men alive, I think, who can fully dress like your stylish dad getting married in 1978 and get away with it in the current day.” I stand by that. So let’s revisit it!

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