Merry Christmas, dear Fug Nationals, if you celebrate it — and if you don’t, I hope this Tuesday is a peaceful one (or, at the very least, that wherever you are, you’re making time and half).  ‘Tis time for the traditional British Royal Family Walk to Church! This year shall henceforth be known as THE YEAR OF MANY HEADBANDS. (I mean, it’s just two. But still.) Strap in for festive coats, please! Though I regret to inform you, we’ve got hand-holding from everyone BUT Kate and Wills (and Meghan and Harry, but they were arm-holding).  (And Princess Anne and Mr. Princess Anne were not holding hands either, but that’s because Anne has to have her hands free in case she needs to tackle someone she suspects of nefarious wrong-doing, and Mr. Princess Anne has to keep his hands free in case he needs to help.)

Missing in action: Camilla and Prince Philip, who I assumed stayed home at Sandringham to play a vigorous game of gin rummy; and the Cambridge kidlets, who I assume were at home trying to set things on fire.

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