I’m not a fan of Ansel Elgort as an actor, and I have, charitably, a lot of questions about him as a person, so what do I root for here: that he DID lose a bet, or that he DIDN’T and that he’s therefore someone with hellacious taste in jackets? (Or did Lewis lose a bet that forced him to be seen in public with this?) That is the worst coat I have ever seen. Lewis Hamilton’s whole situation is stylishly loud and well-fitted, and then there’s Ansel, lumbering alongside him looking like he’s standing behind one of those wooden standees at the shore for a wacky photo op. The ’80s are about to call him (on a car phone wired to the center console) and ask him to stop giving puffed sleeves a bad name because it’s upsetting everyone’s Prom dresses. And Anne Shirley is about to send him a carrier pigeon that says simply, “No.”

[Photo: Gotham/Getty Images]