So, right around the time DK won Best Actress at Cannes for this, there was a post on Pacey’s Instagram gushing about how well-deserved it was, because Diane is a person of deepest integrity who pursues her craft with admirable intensity and commitment. And people swooned. Shortly thereafter I read a blind item that implied she still had his social media passwords and cracked in and posted that herself, so that she would look better over the whole Norman Reedus affair, and that Pacey couldn’t do anything about it because everyone went so nuts for it. I am not saying I believe that, because obviously such things must be treated with skepticism, but: If it’s true, it’s DIABOLICAL and kind of hilarious. And obviously morally wrong, and stuff, but that level of evil genius would also make me like her a little bit somehow. It’s what Alexis Carrington Colby Et Al would do if social media existed in her day.