This is a Gucci jewelry party, so it’s anyone’s guess whether they hand out the brand’s clothes to attendees or just drizzle them in bling once they arrive. It’s POSSIBLE Diane’s pants are Gucci. But you could also convince me they’re L’eggs, and that, after years of doing laps around the same old track, they’re trying to break new ground in the tights market by offering bellbottom pantyhose. They look terribly irritating to wear. Say one wrong thing over passed apps, and someone’s evilly placed spike heel can make your evening a nightmare.

But hey, at least they are pants. Sienna Miller appears to be relying on her boots:

Private Dinner Celebrating the Gucci High Jewelry Collection

She does seem to have embraced the idea of wearing something bland so that the jewelry stands out. Let’s assume that was intentional. YouTuber Léna Mahfouf (“Lena Situations”) did not go that way at all:

Private Dinner Celebrating the Gucci High Jewelry Collection

In fact, she seems not to have gotten her hands on ANY of the good stuff? And that includes her outfit. This is Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady’s horse-racing scene, as drawn by Dr. Seuss.

[Photo: Jacopo M. Raule/Getty Images]