Tamsin Greig here has been in a TON of stuff, from Shaun of the Dead to an adaptation of The Diary of Anne Frank (that’s quite a tonal pendulum swing there), as well as a long-running BBC radio soap, the likes of which — forgive me, Great Britain — I didn’t even know existed anymore.

She is also (according to the internet, which is NEVER wrong) greatly beloved. All of these bits of info — combined with the fact that she’s wearing something I believe I last read about in one of Bertrice Small’s historical romance novels, most of which involve English women accidentally ending up as the most desired woman in the harem of a super-sexy/terrible-and-kinky-but-secretly-mad-skilled -in-the-arts-of-love Middle Eastern ruler —  means that while I admit that I don’t know much about her beyond what I learned tonight, I am QUITE sure that I ought to take her out for a drink.