I haven’t yet read this book but my understanding is that there is a Nell-ish aspect to it, in that the protagonist has spent much of her life living in the wild. (I also understand that it has, er, some similarities to a real life murder that the author has long been wanted for questioning about in Zambia; this Atlantic article about the situation is troubling to say the least. Maybe Reese will make that movie next.) So in that sense, it seems apt  that Daisy Edgar-Jones is wearing a dress that is made of vines. Fancy vines, yes. Sparkly vines, certainly. Formal vines, even.  It’s from the most recent Gucci resort line, though, and I admit that I am disappointed she didn’t opt for the runway styling, which involved wild dishwashing gloves, kinda great boots*, and, best of all, a teeny little Elizabethan ruff**. Understanding? Yes. Disappointed? Also very yes.

*I actually think the shoes she went for instead are sort of a snooze and I might have legit pushed hard for the boots, were I her stylist.

**I shall always hope that someone wears teeny little Elizabethan ruff to a premiere. It will happen eventually!

[Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Shutterstock]