This is so fab on her. The dress is custom, by CG Studio, and I learned on Cynthia’s stylist’s Instagram that it involved 8,000 crystals and 130 yards of fringe. I thought the bottom might be feathered, but no! It is fringe. Which I think is more fun, anyway. It ALMOST looks as if she could remove the fringed bits and dash into the afterparty in a knee-length beaded cocktail number, and goodness knows, I love the Illusion of The Transforming Dress. But even if you can’t turn this into a whole other dress, it’s pretty glorious on her just as it is. I have rarely been disappointed by Cynthia on the red carpet, and tonight’s look is so elegant.

Because I know you want a better look at her generally fantastic head:

I love that shot. There is something about it that implies she’s about to dramatically storm out that hotel door. Which is how EVERYONE should exit their hotel when going to the Tonys.

[Photo: Getty]