Denee is the lead in Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812, which I’ve heard is wonderful even though I badly want to add an Oxford comma to the title. (Phillipa Soo played Natasha Off-Broadway, but left to do Hamilton, and then went with Amelie rather than take Great Comet to Broadway. In fairness, I have no idea if the role was offered to her, but Amelie got shut out of the Tonys and quickly closed — it was only okay; we saw the L.A. test run — so I wonder if Pips is having a wee bit of Natasha remorse even if it wasn’t ever on the table. Who could blame her?)

ANYWAY: When Denee was cast, she was airing — or maybe had just finished airing — on the second season of UnREAL, which was not good but on which her charms and talent were obvious. I’m so glad for her that she climbed out of the steaming heap of that season and into something fantastic, both in terms of the show and the gown she wore to celebrate it. And don’t sweat it, Phillipa Soo. As King George would say, you’ll be back.

[Photos: WENN, Getty]