First, Busy Philipps both looks very pretty, and as if she wants to throw up all over the photographer. Whereas Michelle Williams here just looks mildly terrified, like you just told her that Mia Farrow is planning to hunt her down and shoot her with a tranq dart.

The dress is certainly interesting — a departure from the usual semi-twee frocks she chooses, but not exactly a break from the white or black-and-white motif it feels like she favors nowadays. It does look like she got bored and donned a day dress over a longer black gown, but I’ll give her that she looks tall and I still love the red hair, and… oh, God, I don’t even know. It’s been a long week and there’s people I haven’t even gotten to yet, and I can barely concentrate on the outfit because I’m trying so hard to figure out what looks different about her face. So vote on the gown and then let’s chat.

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Okay: So is it just me or is there something unusual about Michelle Williams’ face now? It might have been this way for a while and I’m only just noticing because she changed the hair and the brows, but here is a shot of her from 2010:

And here is the close-up of now:

I don’t know that I think she’s had WORK done, necessarily? Maybe she’s just lost weight, a bit? Or she’s fairer, or doing her foundation differently, or I’m being tricked by the hair color…? Or am I crazy? It’s just that her eyes do seem a bit larger now. Perhaps she just magnetized her lids so that they’ll snap tight to her sockets. Yes, I’m sure that’s it. Mystery solved.