First Ralph Lauren, now Calvin Klein. I wonder which iconic American designer she’ll be wearing Saturday at the SAGs:

Here is the power of the right woman in the right dress. By all accounts, this is a dress that I should hate. It’s a thong over a tube top. AND YET. AND BUT. BUT YET. YET BUT. She looks so good in it. It looks just clean and crisp and athletic, rather than crazy or weird or cracked out for the mere purpose of being cracked out. No jewelry. Nothing superfluous. It’s just like….her. I can’t get over it.

Micaela Erlanger, who has been styling Lupita (to the best of my knowledge), should be raising her rates. For everyone. Because dude. This has all been going so well. (Famous last words: please don’t show up at the Oscars wearing an accordion folder for a skirt, Lupita.)

[Photo: Getty]