This reminds me a bit of her Down With Love wardrobe.

If you haven’t seen that movie in a while, do it: She and Renee Zellweger spend the first portion of it swanning in and out of restaurants in a series of fabulous period hats and capes. They finish the movie as strongly as it starts, but you get the most bang for your buck early on; I highly recommend revisiting it, even if you saw it and were underwhelmed, because my affection for it has only grown (Renee’s many-minute monologue at the end, without a single cut away from her face, is really a marvel).

ANYWAY: Something about this has that same vintage flair. I think it’s the neckline. I might have sought ways to fun things up that didn’t involve satin shoes — that is a reborn trend with which I cannot brook — but otherwise I’m totally on board. She’s come a long way in the last year, and although I don’t know if she’s been dating Holland Taylor that ENTIRE time, I’ve decided to give Holland’s influence all of the credit because she is a smart, cool lady, and I cannot imagine she suffers fools — fashion or otherwise.

Although this did harsh my buzz:

All those pins back there look like surgical staples. Everyone is happy to know they exist, and are helpful, but people rarely want to see them in action.

Earlier in the week Sarah appeared at the FX Upfronts to promote The People vs. OJ Simpson. She plays Marcia Clark, and I’ve heard both she and the whole endeavor are truly great.

Sarah Paulson

Also great: her lipstick. Less so: Her business smock, complete with matching breast-lids. I wonder if they flutter when she gets shy.

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