The fashion credit I saw for this was “Karl Lagerfeld,” and not “Chanel,” but someone in our comments ID’d it as Chanel, so… Chanel it is now.

It’s actually a scrolldown for me: Her head is glorious, the top is passable, the midsection is repetitive — she’s like a cross between a flapper and if the Stanford Band drenched its tree mascot in tinsel — and then the shoes are pure bridal agony, the kind where you might actually jilt your fiancé if it meant removing them and getting to put on some Uggs.

I know I would get rid of or hide the footwear; maybe make the skirt floor-length, and silver, and then tinker with which ruffles get to stay. I would also ask her what lip color she’s wearing, although that’s self-serving and all about ME and not at all about how to help HER.

[Photo: Getty]