Heather and I get in a habit of nicknaming people things and just hanging on to the nickname forever. Like, remember when Eva Longoria was divorcing Tony Parker and wore black to every single awards show and we dubbed her The Widow Longoria and we still call her that even though she’s been dating Penelope Cruz’s baby brother and is presumably out of her Widow’s Weeds emotionally as well as sartorially? Anyway, somehow I got in the habit of  referring to Carol Alt as “The Noted Crackpot Carol Alt.” BECAUSE LOOK:

This is some crackpot shizz right there, you guys. WHAT IS THE SCARF FOR? Is it holding her arm on?

Will you feel better if I show you a picture of Noted Future Husband Jon Hamm looking rumpled and possibly hung-over and MAYBE with a little black eye — in other words, like Don Draper after a rough night (in other words, just how I like him)?


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