I love that there is a camera crew in the background tagged for a publication called “UPBEAT,” because of how poor Fleur here seems so somber:
Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 1 - World Film Premiere Arrivals
Sweet Fleur, I I know the Harry Potter movies are coming to an end, and that you were written out of a few of them. But that’s no reason to treat this movie premiere like you are an eight-year old girl who, unmoved at taking her First Communion and becoming a figurative bride of Christ, decided to honor the event by wearing the only funereal Laura Ashley dress in existence. Also, those rosettes have made a visual hamburger out of your breasts. If a short, masked man in a giant hat and prison stripes swoops past and grabs at your chest, maybe don’t call the cops on him — he’s only fulfilling his fast-food destiny. 
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