I am very relieved that Claire seems to be back to dressing like herself, and less like she is trying slip into Rooney Mara’s shoes without anyone noticing — both because this suits her better, and because she’s actually probably more famous than Rooney Mara is, anyway, so why bother? (The wisdom of taking over a role that’s so associated with another actor because you’re trying to shake off a role that’s very much associated with you is a whole other question.)

That out of the way, I just examined this more carefully and it might be a skirt and a top, and that means my entire headline is a lie — and, therefore, perhaps my life. Regardless: This is good on her, and I wish the Duchess of Cambridge would dress like this. It’s prim and conservative, but not boring — it feels really on brand, but stylish. THINK OF IT, KATE. LOOK TO YOUR QUEEN.

[Photo by Xavier Gauthier/AP/REX/Shutterstock]