Claire Foy, our erstwhile Queen, is apparently taking over the role of Lisbeth Sanders for The Girl in the Spider’s Web, which is the first of the Dragon Tattoo books that was written by David Lagercrantz and not Stieg Larsson. I find that entire enterprise fascinating — to my mind, if the author dies, so do the books (unless we’re talking about a situation where the book was nearly complete in the first place, such as I’ll Be Gone In the Dark, and a few other such instances), and while Larsson’s brother and father (who control his estate) were fine with this book series continuing with another book,  his long-time girlfriend was not. BUT! Wikipedia implies that she wasn’t pleased….because she’d written a fourth book in the series herself! All I know is that, ironically, this whole thing sounds like the set-up for a murder mystery itself. And that Wiki entry also told me that Rooney Mara had been under the impression that she was also going to do this movie, but clearly something happened, because instead of Mara reprising her role, we’ve got Claire Foy seemingly deciding she is just going to do a full-on Rooney Mara red carpet impression? Join me.

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