It’s summer. Shouldn’t this be peak Chloe Sevigny Crazy Season? Inane rompers and crimes against denim, and the like? Not that I’m complaining — it would be churlish to, what with Kim Kardashian unleashing unholy sartorial hell on us so recently. This dress is very elegant, her lipstick is bold and perfect, and miracle of accessorizing miracles, she does not NAB. It’s a good outfit, and I’m happy to see it as the days of summer tick down and the first day of school looms. But there is, of course, a sizable part of me that misses jaw-dropping fuggery, especially her head-scratching variety that made me laugh more than cry, so here’s hoping she has at least one insanely placed ruffle in her between now and, oh, let’s say next Tuesday. Just because some people work better with deadlines.