Perhaps you, like I, wondered where Chloe Sevigny was on Monday night at the Met Gala. There were, now that I think about it, tons of regulars missing: No Chloe, no Beyonce, no Sarah Jessica Parker (she was allegedly on set for Divorce), no Emma Stone or Kristen Stewart. It illuminated how much the Met Gala has turned into essentially an advertising and PR opportunity these days. So many people don’t come unless there’s a real reason for them to get their face in our faces. (Beyonce, of course, was absent due to her pregnancy; I fully believe that Bey totally enjoys putting on some OTT dress and sweeping up the stairs at the Met regardless.) And Chloe clearly decided to get something else in our faces elsewhere, at a screening of a new movie she did with Richard Gere. I am honestly impressed by the amount of buttressing and construction at work here: She looks like the most popular wench down at the alehouse, the one that all the off-duty pirates want serving their beer. I guess that’s a look.

[Photo: WENN]