Talk about the yin and yang of fashion. We have Rihanna at this party in costume as the new fortune-telling act at the Cosmopolitan in Vegas — they call her Arcana Divine, and she never wears the same thong twice, ladies and gents — and then Blake Lively strolls in looking like Emily Webb by comparison.

I actually think she looks extremely cute, but also like she is Kiernan Shipka, two weeks late for a daytime photocall in Cannes. It’s an especial double-take because she worked so much heavy glam at Cannes that it’s jarring for her to turn around with this, which she could as easily wear to return Tupperware after the Space Shuttle party and ask for your ambrosia salad recipe.

For the CFDAs, I would have loved to see this with edgier nighttime styling — maybe stick-straight hair, more major makeup, and a strappy gold shoe, with dark toe and fingernails. Just something that’s less aggressively adorable, for an event at which CLEARLY anything goes.

And here is the close-up, just in case you need a picture to take to your hairdresser. It may be twee for the occasion, but her beachy golden waves are verging on her signature. She and Jennifer Aniston may have to start a support group for People Whose Hair Defines Them.

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  • CHUCK (Bass) IT ALL. (12%, 353 Votes)

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[Photos: Fame/Flynet]