I think Rosie Assoulin is, generally, just not my cup of java. Plenty of people really like and respond to her designs, but I almost never seem to, and this might be another to add to that list:

I can understand the appeal: It’s unusual, it’s trying something, it’s got shape, and for the love of nethers, it’s not trying to show us all of Jemima’s girls. And even though it’s more body-con than the pagan-ritual caftans she often wears, there’s still something about its spirit that feels VERY apt on La Kirke. There are a lot of reasons to suggest this colors me interested, and yet I still can’t help wondering if she wore that top because they told her they’d be serving lobster.

Please, clarify my butter, so to speak:

  • It's super funky, in a way that suits her (41%, 1,676 Votes)
  • Frankly, I'd love it on ANYONE (2%, 90 Votes)
  • It doesn't work for me on her, but maybe try again tomorrow, Rosie (18%, 726 Votes)
  • GAH. FUG. (39%, 1,585 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,077

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