I do love olive green, and naps, and this is basically both of those things together:

It’s… FINE, and she’s dressed, and she brushed her hair, but is this even remotely passing for the best or dreamiest or weirdest (or even riskiest) in fashion on a night meant to honor that? No. My money is on Katie Holmes glancing enviously across the room at Diane Kruger and thinking, “Why? WHY is that never me?” (Which would be awkward, as Diane is with Katie’s off-screen ex and on-screen love, Pacey, but it would be fair to have regrets about that TOO.) Imagine if Katie, just once, showed up in something like that red Prabal, styled with a Kruger-like updo. Our breath would leave our bodies and we’d be like, “FINALLY. IT’S FINALLY HAPPENING.” Instead… still waiting. You can do it, Katie. SURPRISE US. THERE’S STILL TIME.

[Photo: Getty]