I have to assume the Suicide Squadders all had different itineraries in England today, because we just saw Cara leave their hotel dressed to the nines — beyond that; to the ninety-nines — and then here’s Margot sauntering out all comfortable.

And I love it. The casual loafers, the comfy boyfriend-cut pants, the totally normal t-shirt and hair and basic makeup, and then that AWESOME coat. It’s so good. She dressed down but not in a Derelicte way, so that she’s comfy but also lets that be the statement piece. She’s still put-together and polished, but not spit-shined. And of course in my drama-seeking mind, I’ve decided she wore it because she’s fed up with Jared “Method” Leto and his dumb Joker pranks, and is casually showing him how to make a bad-ass statement coat work. Mission accomplished.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]