Cannes is all about Bonus Celebs, because at some of these movie premieres they just go out and pose in a human chain, which is why you’re getting John Cusack right now:

Not that people are probably too upset about THAT. Also not a bummer: Mia’s dress. She looks so tall in it. Yeah, I could stand for a bit more styling, but I blame the French gusts for her hair, and perhaps they blew away her bracelet as well, or perhaps she is using David Cronenberg as one bangle and hoped Cusack would play the role on her other side. Perhaps if she’d suggested it to them thusly as them being the bangles, they’d have broken into something by The Bangles, which is almost always socially acceptable — nay, recommended. You know that Cusack has feelings about the relative level of mania on his Mondays.

I also liked what Mia wore to the photocall:

I love the skirt. Love the lines on her. The top’s color might be a tiny bit too random for me — that might have been a time for a creamy shoe, to pull it in — but overall this looks like something really fun to wear while walking around the Croisette, feeling carefree and fabulous and wearing giant sunglasses and possibly carrying a hat.

I wonder what would’ve happened if they’d switched shoes. Does that help anyone? It would help ME if Mia would switch with ME, because I am not wearing any at the moment and therefore make out like a bandit in that trade. I’m more worried about whether Julianne’s shoes are too much of an also-ran with that otherwise pretty color and dress. She mostly looks nice, though. I wish she weren’t such an inveterate nutwagon on the actual red carpet… but then again, I’m lying about that, because without a nutwagon to pull us all around, we’d be very sad and tired and lost. So to speak. Are we there yet? Is it STILL CANNES? HOW CANNES THAT BE.

[Photos: Getty]