I feel like Julianne Moore is, in some ways, Cate Blanchett’s opposite number. Julianne is so lovely and has such curious taste, but instead of that fact constantly elevating everything the way it does with Cate, somehow everything swallows her up.

In theory, the mix of textures and colors here is interesting. But in practice, for me, the top makes her look sort of squat-of-torso, the clash of top and bottom MIGHT be overshadowing the skirt a bit too much, and the belt — though I understand it as a median between the two roads, so to speak — is bulking her up. Add to that the lack of a deep red lip and the fact that her eye makeup looks cross-eyed, and you have a crabby Fugger this Friday morning.

Do I need to snap out of it?

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  • No. Snap INTO it. I will join you. (73%, 2,388 Votes)

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