This reminds me of the more successful Ralph Lauren that Emma Watson wore at Windsor Castle, and yes, I’m totally going to use this as an excuse to link to that post again, because I NEVER get tired of ogling Windsor (nor Emma Watson) in any capacity. It’s my favorite.

Amber is doing a similar Relaxed Glam thing here, but it falls short for me, mostly because of the design of the skirt and the fact that she’s posing like she’s being paid money to achieve maximum back arch potential. I call it The Paris Hilton, and that’s not a compliment.

Beyond that, I just don’t care for the way it fits her pelvis, and the fabric looks incredibly Designer Impostor to me.  Which is a bummer, because her head looks SENSATIONAL:

The wind makes hairstyles somewhat unpredictable, but I don’t even mind that it’s in her face a little, because it’s such a GOOD face that it’s shining through anyway. And I love her earrings, and she should wear that red lipstick until the end of time. It turns out I am more interested in Amber Heard when she does not have her Gentleman Hobo by her side, which cannot have been the intent there, and yet here we are.

[Photos: Getty]