Gold is a based-on-true-events movie about a mining scandal, in which Matthew McConaughey gets to wear a bald cap. I mean, I assume “gets to” is how you’d phrase it. Matty McC seems like someone who would cherish the opportunity. He’d gaze in the mirror and rub his hand over his pate and purr, “All right all right, feeling’ smoooooth, Big Guy. Goin’ fur-free. Walkin’ on funshine.” Then he would send a prank text to Sandra Bullock.

Anyway, Camila clearly picked a very apt gown for the title of the film. It’s so gold that I think it’s being traded by a bunch of stressed-out investors in suits. And, not content to look like a tinsel holiday tree, she frosted herself in approximately eighty-three pounds of diamonds. Given that her dress fabric thins out the further down we go, I’m astonished she didn’t topple over completely once gravity worked its sultry magic on her bling.

Camila Alves, Matthew McConaughey

This photo cracks me up. It’s like, “Helloooooo? I know y’all like the lady but I’m the one struttin’ in the bald cap.”

[Photos: Fame/Flynet]