OH NO NOW I WANT A HAIRCUT. That won’t end well. All of this — picture me waving my hands all around Caitriona’s general self here — is just so crisp and clean and preppy and competent and GOOD.

In fact, all of the Outlanders looked pretty dishy at this event:

Celebrities Visit Build - February 11, 2020

I feel like I could tell you that these four people are launching a start-up meant to disrupt…something (anything!)…and you might considering investing.  You’ve got the hot guy creative director, the well-pantsuited and sharply bobbed CEO, her young and brainy CFO who spends a lot of time pinning Kate Middleton’s footwear to a private inspo board that no one can know about because she fears it will undermine her authority, and then the tech guy who talks a LOT about Steve Jobs.

[Photos: Gary Gershoff/Getty Images]