I have to share with you Informative Caption for this picture. Ahem: “Brooklyn Decker celebrates `Juicy Gummies that Keep it Real’ at the Black Forest Gummy Harvest on the High Line in New York City.”

First: If this is a Gummy Bear event, which is seems to be, her dress goes from Cute But Very Aggressive to BRILLIANT, because those stripes are in Gummy Bear colors. I am not a person who is immune to the charms of thematic clothing at a promotional event, and in fact I feel that if you’re going to promote something, PROMOTE IT. Plus, it’s cute on her.

Second: What on earth are JUICY GUMMIES THAT KEEP IT REAL? Are other gummy candies….lying to me? Are they putting on some kind of gummy front? Are they trying to sell a gummy lifestyle that has no basis in reality? I have MANY MANY MANY questions about these gummies. Are they German — hence the Black Forest? If they’re keeping it real, should we be HARVESTING THEM? Can we LOSE the only HONEST gummies we have? WHAT IS HAPPENING?!

[Photo: Michael Simon/startraksphoto.com]