Kesha here is a tough one to talk about, because at this point I think we’re all just hopeful she has gotten all the right help she needed to get over everything that sent her to rehab.

But the thing is, I just don’t like this. It’s not AWFUL, but it needs a good hoiking, and it’s unremarkable. It is doing exactly what it was chosen to do — which is, show us that she’s healthy and sensible and showered, all of which are great assets; it’s like she’s trying to be screamingly inoffensive — but it’s also very Widow Prom to me, and I can’t pretend I don’t feel that way just because she herself, as a human being, looks better. Also, last I checked, there’s no rule that you can’t be in good stead and STILL wear some funky jewelry. I’m just saying. Now that she’s chosen herself, she can also choose some bracelets.

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