There is something Grace Jones-ian about Meagan’s hair now, and I do at least have to thank her for giving me an excuse on our ninth birthday to mention one of the all-time weirdest, most wonderful dressers in the annals of fugulousness.

Having said that, it doesn’t entirely suit her — which may be why she put herself in a gown so slinky and revealing that she looks like an entrant at Miss Body Condom America 2013. I will show you a closer look, but you should be careful, because it’s NSFW: Not Safe For Work and Nipple Silhouettes Forming Weapons:

After nine years of doing this, I don’t know whether to be sad or grateful that some people still haven’t learned the lesson that the sexiest way to display your admirable form is, in fact, NOT to display your admirable form. Sometimes a house is more intriguing when you can’t see right into the living room from the street.

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