Since we’re entering our tenth year, we may do semi-regular dig through our archives — like a This Day In Fug History type of thing. But before we careen headlong toward another milestone, let’s celebrate this one real fast with another list. This time, it’s Our Nine Favorite Entries That Pop Up When You Search Our Blog For The Word “Nine” And Then Go To Page Nine Of The Results. Because it couldn’t just be something easy.

Oh, Lisa Edelstein. This is epic.

Turns out we’ve had the same complaints about Julianne Moore since 2007.

Relive the glories of the rivalry between two of England’s tackiest natives, Katie Price and Jodie Marsh, and enjoy Jodie’s accessories. Because, as Jessica once wailed, IT’S JUST ACCESSORIES.

Hugh Grant, in our minds, approved of Drew Barrymore’s Golden Globes ensemble the year after her horrifying droopy green thing.

These are two people I never thought I’d see together. I still can’t really believe it.

It’s awkward to read entries from back before we loathed Chris Brown.

Remember when Intern George used to answer genuine hate mail we got in our Inbox, and he sounded a lot like a more happy-go-lucky hug-obsessed Frasier Crane? Man. I was weird. (Also, apparently someone wrote us an email calling us “the argument against freedom”!!!! – J)

I miss Paula Abdul.

Good LORD, the Lindsay Lohan roller coaster has been going on a long time. Lindsay: LET US ALL OFF. Aren’t you tired?