The Affleck-Garner family gets papped a lot. The agencies, from my understanding, have to blur photos of the kids that aren’t taken with parental consent (assuming that’s still true). Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel are never blurred, and they’re captured everywhere from school to various extracurriculars to just being around town with their parents, which leads me to believe that Team Affleck-Garner is just fine with the exposure. This sounds meaner than I intend it: I like Jennifer, and I’m bullish on her ability to raise good normal humans, and suspect that for a long time she needed the world to know those kids had a responsible parent; I will side-eye Ben for a long time, but think it’s very possible they are both regarding this as some kind of accountability system for him, where he goes to get them at school and does dad things in a non-douchey way, and… you know, whatever works, as long as the kids are on board.

Anyway, the nut of it is: Ben’s been getting the pap pics lately, and I’m waiting for our Coachella supply to round itself out, so we’re going to check these out instead.

[Photos: Rex/Shutterstock]
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