Her Smell sounds like it’s the Courtney Love story, sort of, maybe, allegedly; it’s about a woman named Becky Something who had a punk trio and then her career was derailed by chemical success and exhaustion and having a kid, and yada yada yada gotta get sober but also still feel the artistic inspiration. It might well be great, but the title is evocative in kind of an unappealing way, for me? Fortuately, Elisabeth Moss made the rounds in a good chic rock-inflected outfit. Leather plus a metallic skirt plus good pumps plus a necklace and super lipstick = a simple and easy way to our hearts. When it comes right down to it, we are very easy: We like sparkle, we like red, and we don’t want to see your erogenous zones.

I am, however, SUPER curious about what’s happening over her shoulder. Is that dude doing a recorded interview about how he’s wearing a different giant ring on every finger? Can we bring him onto the Today show (or whatever this was) so that we can better understand his accessory philosophy? Thanks in advance.

[Photo: InstarImages.com]