I have no idea what’s happening on her dress — a hug, maybe? — but I don’t even care. The leather cape and the swagger with which she’s wearing it feels delightfully badass to me, as if she’s just landed at this Avengers: Endgame press conference to give it a welcome jolt of estrogen and save Robert Downey Jr. from himself.

Of course, it might not be working:

Film Avengers, Seoul, South Korea - 15 Apr 2019

Yep, still shenaniganizing.

Avengers: Endgame movie premiere in Seoul, Korea - 15 Apr 2019

Is he dancing? Itching uncontrollably? Trying to kill a suspicious insect? Only he knows. Well, and possibly everyone in attendance, but I wouldn’t guarantee it. It’s often like he has decided he’s the Robin Williams of the Marvel universe.

Film Avengers, Seoul, South Korea - 15 Apr 2019


Jeremy Renner: I’m also here.

Brie: I’m the future. Bye boys.

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