I was going to say there should be a moratorium on using the title The Apprentice, because That Fucking Guy has tainted it, but then I realized that this is the movie about Donald Trump in which he’s played by Sebastian Stan. A casting I objected to primarily because I thought Captain Tangerine might be flattered by it. Apparently it’s causing an uproar — I read a Variety article that talked about a scene essentially depicting him raping Ivana, and quoted “insiders” who defensively said the assault as depicted was “consensual but uncomfortable,” and then lastly someone ELSE said the movie may be “humanizing,” which… I understand wanting to deliver a fleshed out portrait, but can we stop short of humanizing a person — or even a fictional character! — who is also being depicted as raping or “consensually uncomfortably making his wife have sex”? I just want to get off this goddamn planet sometimes. Which may actually happen sooner than later if we melt the whole thing, so.

Also Cate Blanchett is here.

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