Bel’s new series, A Small Light, is framed as a biography of Miep Gies — the woman Otto Frank asked to shelter his family during World War II, including his daughter Anne. Interestingly, Wikipedia claims that this series’s preview seems to mix up aspects of Miep Gies and the younger Bep Voskuijl, leading some to wonder if she’s… more of a composite character than an accurate one? We’ll see. I hope they didn’t erase Bep. At any rate, obviously the story of the Franks is a tragic one, so  it’s understandable that Bel decided to lean into more cheerful textiles, beginning with this Christopher Kane floofery. I would have loved it if it were just the sheath portion, but the tutu is a little… Cigarette Girl, But Make It Fashion. There’s something undeniably fun about it, though — I grinned when I saw it, and that’s something?

This was more confusing:

'A Small Light' TV series premiere, Amsterdam, Netherlands - 17 Apr 2023

The good news is, if you have a paper shredder, or even a label maker, you too could make those earrings. The bad news: A Small Light appears also to refer to how much visibility the designer had while constructing this.

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