Now THIS is the kind of J.Lo drama for which I am here, and will ALWAYS be here.

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That is OUTSTANDING (and I love the glimpse of Lin fluffing her train). She is a walking stained-glass window — or, you know, a gesturing one, as she did not and possibly could not actually move — and I like this a million times better than the usual flavor of marginally adorned netting that she so loves. She also chose her moment well, because standing in a darkened studio under carefully, precisely trained spotlights, is EXACTLY the showcase this dress needed. Someday I hope we’ll see it in a museum.

The front is also really stunning, and of COURSE, she threw it off dramatically during Lin-Manuel’s verse.

I wish she hadn’t, because now I’m focusing on the hoiking she badly needs, and she starts to look more like a circus performer. In a sense, though, isn’t that exactly what J.Lo is the majority of the time? So it’s apt, in its way.

[Photos: Hulu]