These two came in pretty quick succession, so we might as well roll them together. For your reference, the full list of Globes nominees is here — no Jennifer Lawrence; mother! got shut out completely — and the big shocker there was the omission of any women in Best Director, particularly Greta Gerwig, whose Lady Bird is the only movie to be at 100% on Rotten Tomatoes and is widely beloved. But the HFPA is a crackpot organization that I suspect demands more wining-and-dining than Greta Gerwig would bother with, so I’m still crossing my fingers for the Oscars. The SAGs list is here. I’m a little unclear why The Post didn’t get its act together in time for SAG members to watch it, but I wonder if they hoped the names “Hanks” and “Streep” would be enough for sight-unseen nods.

All right. Let’s discuss! So far the only movies I’ve seen are Get Out and I, Tonya, both of which are great, so I am not overwhelmed with opinions yet. In the next two weeks, though, we’re going on a movie binge so hopefully I’ll get to drink in a bunch of the others.

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