Biel had the climate right, at least — it was hot in Los Angeles, and so I can see why she went with a dress that screams Sweltering Summer Day Becomes Irritatingly Warm Summer Night.

Now, and I’m sure this will shock you, let it be known that I have never opened a kid-friendly eatery. But I feel like for the opening of HER kid-friendly eatery — which she has named Au Fudge — she might’ve wanted to make sure people didn’t think it was a vanity project, and thus, would wear something that looked as if she was prepared to pitch in all night. This does not suggest “getting your hands dirty” so much as “get your dirty hands away from me.”

It’s also very much like Vanessa Hudgens and Scarlett from Nashville combined to design a Greatest Hits collection for Anthropologie. Not my favorite vibe, and not supremely flattering to her chest, but at least she didn’t take this to a place of Sheer Pants again.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]