Just prepare yourself for a day of people sweeping into frame in a dramatic Vivienne Westwood gown:

This is truly a case of the right dress on the right person. This dress is, objectively, VERY dramatic, and basically exactly what I’d expect The Wicked Witch of the West to wear to the Met Gala. That said, if she did do, I think my reaction would be, “oooh, you guys! Almira Gulch TOTALLY pulled it off this year!” And, indeed, while I think Juliette Lewis is — obviously — much prettier and far more glamorous than the fictional Ms Gulch, I think she has the right zest, and just enough 90s grunge cred, to wear this without it wearing her. It is WACKY, but wacky with panache, and just dark enough that she doesn’t look silly. Ultimately, I approve.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]