I have not given much thought to Amber Valletta in my life, except for that brief period in which she looked a lot like Michelle Pfeiffer, and how she looks kind of like Taylor Schilling. But she has put together a solid run of WTFery lately, including this photo (that wasn’t in our subscription) of her CRAZY party outfit, and now this:

Granted, she is not the only one at this party who pulled out some crazy. JUST YOU WAIT. Also, I only juut noticed that her feet are blurry in this picture, which is REALLY unsettling, but it’s too late — I already downloaded it. ANYWAY: I realized that I would be perfectly happy to own this dress in umbrella form. A shiny gold umbrella with see-through bits would work for me just fine. But I don’t have much interest in seeing a person walk around that way.

[Photo: Getty]