Sadly, not even the presence of Tyra Banks has convinced me to watch America’s Got Talent. (Besides which, my kids are hooked on cooking shows, so we’ve been streaming Masterchef Junior and there are SO MANY MORE TEARS on that than on Chopped Junior. I wasn’t prepared for all the little kids sobbing, or for how many of them can actually SERIOUSLY cook. So that’s taking up all my feel-good-and-yet-sad TV space right now.) Anyhoo, I’m sure I’m missing out on a LOT of on-camera nuttiness that I would appreciate while also shaking my head, but here I think Miss Ty Ty looks really nice. The skirt takes it to a SLIGHTLY stuffy place? I might’ve cut it off at the knee, and I’m wondering if it would work better as a two-tone outfit, but: It’s got character without being aggressively zany, and it’s flattering to her, so I will TAKE IT.

And then:

Well, look, this is why Tyra was a successful model. She makes that look fantastic even as it’s ridiculous. Check it on TV:

Tyra Banks during an appearance on NBC' 'Late Night with Seth Meyers.'

Her torso looks like a basket.

However, the rest of it is not that wacky.

That pink suit looks great on her, but also feels like wee rip-off of Angelina’s now-iconic Ralph & Russo. I suppose it’s been a while, and it adds a flourish. It’s the best Tyra outfit in a long, long time.

Tyra Banks shares her model smile with waiting fans leaving the

That’s cute and summery and relaxed and NORMAL. Tyra! What is happening?

I got that side eye today. #AGTtomorrow

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And this is Peak Tyra. Everything about this is perfect, from the sunglasses to the tousled hair to the makeup to the expression on her face. I bow down, Banks.

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