The actual factual answer is, he is playing the EDM DJ Diplo in a series called What Would Diplo Do?, except of course it’s not based on REAL Diplo but just a version of Diplo…? I have to tell you, I’m so old now that not only do I not know anything about what EITHER version of Diplo is other than a) rumors that he’s not all that nice, b) indeed, he sounds like a douchecanoe; c) if the douchecanoe thing is all an act, then newsflash, you’re a douchecanoe for real; d) he co-produced Lemonade with Beyonce and I wonder if she secretly hates him, e) he has feuds with other people I don’t care about, like this “Zedd” person; f) he uses phrases like “I f**ked your girl, and g) wasn’t he dating Rita Ora at one point? I honestly called him Duplo for a long time, so what do I know.

Still, it contextualizes the Beek’s mustache, if nothing else. Beek is playing Diplo, and he also conceived of and exec-produces and writes this thing. Why is a wonderful question, but as Vulture notes, JVDB is at his most enjoyable to watch when — like Hugh Grant — he is playing an arrogant bro with only flashes of self-awareness. The earnestness of Dawson’s Creek has not aged well, so at least he’s playing to his talents here, I guess?

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